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    Looking for a mixer tap to install on your bathroom sink? Look no further and come discover our collection of basin mixers! Practical, stylish, and elegant taps for all tastes.

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    Everything you need to know about mixer taps for basins

    The mixer tap for basins has become the standard in our interiors, due to its functionality, design, and energy efficiency. Browse this article to discover how to choose the ideal mixer tap for your basin, as well as the advantages of this type of plumbing.

    The principle of the mixer tap

    Unlike traditional taps, which have separate valves for hot and cold water, the mixer tap combines the two water flows into a single unit. The tap usually has a single handle or control, making it easy to choose the desired temperature and control the water flow in one simple gesture.

    Mechanical and Thermostatic Mixers

    There are two main types of mixers: mechanical mixers and thermostatic mixers. Mechanical mixers work thanks to a cartridge that regulates the mixing of hot and cold water according to the position of the lever. As for thermostatic mixers, they have a much more precise temperature adjustment system, as the temperature is maintained constant regardless of the pressure or variations in the flows of hot and cold water.

    The main features of a mixer tap

    Choosing a mixer tap for a basin must take into account several criteria: size, aesthetics, material, and water and energy savings.

    Size and space

    To choose the ideal size of your mixer, take into account the dimensions of your basin. Choose a tap model adapted to the proportion of your basin, to avoid any water overflow or inconvenience during use.

    Design and aesthetic appearance

    Manufacturers offer a wide variety of mixer tap models to adapt to all styles of bathrooms. From classic to modern design, from bright chrome to matte black, you can find the mixer tap that perfectly matches the decoration and ambiance of your bathroom.

    Materials and finishes

    • Chrome-plated brass: This is the most commonly used material for making mixer taps, as it offers very good resistance to corrosion as well as a bright and durable finish.
    • Stainless steel: Also known as stainless steel, this material is known for its strength, durability, and impeccable hygiene. Stainless steel taps are generally more expensive than those made of brass, but offer an excellent quality/price ratio.
    • ABS plastic: Plastic mixers are lightweight, easy to install, and moderately priced. However, they are less resistant than their metal counterparts.

    Water and energy savings

    Opting for a mixer tap has many ecological and economic advantages: it allows for water and energy savings thanks to its precise mixing process of temperature and flow. Some models have specific integrated systems, such as a flow limiter to control and reduce water consumption or a safety notch to prevent burns with hot water.

    Special types of mixer taps for basins

    Among the variety of models available on the market, some stand out for their unique design or innovative features.

    The cascade mixer tap

    Offering a wide and flat water jet reminiscent of a waterfall, the cascade mixer tap is attractive for its original and soothing aesthetics. There are several styles of this type of plumbing, which can vary in the shape and size of the spout.

    The black mixer tap

    Very trendy, the black mixer tap gives a modern touch with its matte and elegant finish. It harmonizes perfectly with a white stone or ceramic basin to create a striking contrast.

    The electronic mixer tap

    Operating with an infrared sensor, the electronic mixer tap delivers water without manual contact. Ideal for public places or for reasons of hygiene and cleanliness, this type of plumbing also allows for better control of water consumption thanks to its automatic shut-off.

    Choosing a mixer tap for a basin requires thinking about several aspects such as size, design, material, and possible water and energy savings. In addition to classic models, cascade, black, and electronic mixer taps offer interesting alternatives to bring a distinctive touch to your bathroom.