Mixer tap with kitchen spray

Are you looking to improve your kitchen with a practical and elegant mixer tap? Our collection of kitchen mixer taps with spray head is made for you!

The practicality of kitchen mixer taps with spray head

We offer a wide selection of kitchen mixer taps equipped with a spray head, allowing you to easily clean your sink, fill large containers, or rinse your fruits and vegetables with ease.

  • The kitchen faucet with a pull-out spray to modernize your kitchen

    But that's not all! Our kitchen faucets with pull-out spray are also available in a variety of finishes to suit all tastes and decorations. You can choose from elegant finishes such as black, gold, white, brushed steel, and chrome to give your kitchen the look you desire.

    Our kitchen mixers with pull-out spray are easy to install and are equipped with water flow regulators to save water and energy. In addition, the manufacturing quality is impeccable, and our products are guaranteed for six months.

    A kitchen mixer with a pull-out spray improves your daily life

    With our collection of kitchen mixers with pull-out spray, you can bring a touch of modernity and elegance to your kitchen while benefiting from a practical and functional product.

    Don't wait any longer to discover our collection of kitchen mixers with pull-out spray and choose the finish that best suits your desires and your decoration!

    You cannot install mixer faucets with pull-out spray because you have a window behind your sink? Discover our collection of foldable mixer faucets.

    The main advantages of mixers with pull-out spray for your kitchen

    Kitchen mixer faucets with pull-out spray are interesting accessories to modernize and improve the experience in the kitchen. They offer optimal water control, facilitate filling pots, and make cleaning easier.

    The characteristics of mixer faucets with pull-out spray

    Often unknown to the general public, these types of kitchen faucets have many advantages.

    Better water management

    A kitchen mixer faucet with a pull-out spray allows very precise control of water temperature and flow, thanks to a single lever that serves as both a lever and a thermostat. This ergonomic operation avoids handling errors and limits the risk of burns or splashes.

    Modern and elegant design

    The design of mixer faucets with pull-out spray is generally very sleek and contemporary, making it an excellent choice for modernizing the kitchen decor. They are available in many shapes and finishes to match all styles of interior design.

    Multi-function spray head

    The spray head integrated into the kitchen mixer allows for an efficient and economical water flow, depending on the needs. It is often adjustable to adapt to different uses: quickly filling pots, easy rinsing of vegetables, or delicate cleaning of glasses.

    The different options for mixer faucets with pull-out spray

    Kitchen faucets with a pull-out spray come in several models suitable for different countertop and sink configurations.

    The mixer faucet with retractable spray head

    This type of faucet has the advantage of having the spray head directly integrated into the body of the mixer, making its use very discreet and practical. The spray head can be easily extracted when necessary, while remaining perfectly secured when not in use.

    The mixer faucet with side spray head

    In this configuration, the spray head is attached to the side of the faucet, usually with a support or a small bar that accompanies the mixer. This allows for greater freedom of movement while maintaining the aesthetic of the mixer faucet.

    The mixer faucet with foldable spray head

    Here, the spray head is located just below the spout of the faucet and can be folded forward for use. This model is particularly recommended for kitchens where space around the sink is limited, as it optimizes the available surface while enjoying the benefits of the spray head.

    How to choose and install your mixer faucet with pull-out spray?

    Discover some key tips for selecting and fully enjoying your kitchen mixer faucet with pull-out spray.

    Selection criteria

    1. Quality: prioritize models manufactured by recognized brands (such as Cecipa) and guaranteeing good reliability over time.
    2. Design: choose a faucet whose aesthetics correspond to your tastes and the layout of your kitchen.
    3. Features: make sure the faucet offers several types of jets and settings to meet all your kitchen needs.
    4. Ergonomics: choose a faucet that is easy to handle and whose spray head can be quickly put into service without effort.

    Installation of the mixer faucet with pull-out spray

    Installing a kitchen faucet with a pull-out spray requires a minimum of practice, as it must be connected to both the plumbing and the countertop. If you are comfortable with DIY work, you can, however, carry out the installation quite easily by following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Be sure to comply with the regulations concerning plumbing and electrical safety.