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    The ultimate guide to choosing the perfect basin mixer tap

    The bathroom is an essential and intimate space in every home. To enhance this space, it is important to carefully choose the equipment that is found there, such as the basin mixer tap. In this guide, we will talk about the essential criteria for choosing your future basin mixer tap, as well as the different styles and types available on the market.

    What is a mixer tap?

    A mixer tap is a device that allows you to mix hot and cold water to obtain the desired temperature. It is distinguished from the traditional mixer tap by its ability to adjust the water flow in addition to the temperature in a single gesture. This greatly facilitates its use and gives a modern touch to your bathroom or kitchen.

    The advantages of the basin mixer tap

    Choosing a mixer tap for the washbasin has several advantages:

    • Ease of use: It is easy to adjust the desired temperature with precision thanks to the single lever of the mixer tap.
    • Water savings: The ease of flow adjustment offered by the mixer tap allows for limiting water and energy waste.
    • Aesthetics: The modern and sleek design of the mixer tap makes it a remarkable decorative element in the bathroom.
    • Safety: Some models of mixer taps are equipped with an anti-scald safety system, ideal for children or the elderly.

    Selection criteria for a basin mixer tap

    To choose the right basin mixer tap for your needs, several criteria must be taken into account:

    The type of installation

    There are generally two types of installations for mixer taps:

    • Recessed: The tap is fixed directly to the wall, which frees up space on the vanity top and makes maintenance easier. However, this type of installation requires more extensive work.
    • Deck-mounted: The tap is placed on the edge of the basin or washbasin. The installation is simpler and less expensive, but leaves less space for storage.

    The material

    The material of the mixer tap influences its aesthetics, robustness, and lifespan. The most commonly used materials are:

    • Brass: This is the traditional material for taps. It is resistant to corrosion, durable, and offers a wide variety of finishes (chrome, gold, nickel-plated...).
    • Stainless steel: Contemporary and elegant, stainless steel is appreciated for its robustness, easy maintenance, and hygienic qualities. Brushed or matte stainless steel will give a more modern look to your bathroom.
    • Zinc: Less expensive than brass or stainless steel, zinc has lower resistance to corrosion and a shorter lifespan.

    The finish

    The finish of the mixer tap is important for the aesthetics and coherence of your decoration. Examples include:

    • Chrome: This is the most common finish, offering a shiny, modern, and easy-to-maintain appearance.
    • Brushed nickel: For a softer and warmer effect, opt for brushed nickel, which will bring a discreet touch of elegance.
    • Gold: Luxurious and refined, the gold finish goes particularly well with classic or baroque ambiences.

    The styles and types of basin mixer taps available on the market

    The single lever mixer tap

    The single lever mixer tap is the most common model, characterized by its single lever that allows for adjusting both the flow and the water temperature. It is easy to use and has a sleek and modern design.

    The cascade mixer tap

    To add a touch of originality and relaxation to your bathroom, opt for a cascade basin mixer tap. Its wide spout allows water to flow smoothly, creating a zen and relaxing atmosphere.

    The thermostatic mixer tap

    The thermostatic mixer tap allows you to pre-set the water temperature thanks to an integrated cartridge system. This type of tap is ideal for families with children or the elderly, as it guarantees optimal safety against the risk of scalding.

    Additional features of basin mixer taps

    The pull-out spray

    Some models of mixer taps for washbasins are equipped with a pull-out spray, making cleaning easier and adding practical functionality to your bathroom.

    LED lighting

    To combine aesthetics and practicality, some mixer taps have an integrated LED lighting system, offering a soothing atmosphere according to the water temperature.

    The water-saving system

    Finally, to save water and energy, opt for a basin mixer tap equipped with a water-saving system. This device reduces the flow without affecting ease of use, thus preserving our planet.