Mixer tap bathtub

Are you looking to equip your bathtub with a mixer tap for a comfortable and elegant bathing experience? Discover our collection of mixer taps for bathtubs.

Mixer taps for all styles of bathtubs

Our collection of mixer taps for bathtubs offers different types to meet all needs and preferences. The thermostatic bathtub mixer tap is the ideal choice for a comfortable and safe bathing experience. Thanks to its temperature regulation system, you can adjust the water temperature with great precision for a comfortable and secure bathing. In addition, our thermostatic mixer taps are equipped with safety devices to prevent accidental burns, making them a perfect choice for families with children.

  • Mixers for bathtubs of different types

    We also offer bathtub mixers on the deck, for easy and convenient installation on the edge of your bathtub. This type of mixer tap is available in a variety of styles and finishes to suit all tastes and bathroom decorations.

    Bathtub faucets in different finishes

    Our collection of bathtub mixers also offers a wide variety of finishes to fit all styles and bathroom decorations. We offer finishes in matte black for a modern and elegant touch, in brushed steel for a more traditional and sophisticated style, and in gold for a touch of luxury and timeless elegance.

    Whether you are looking for a mixer tap for a classic bathtub or for a corner bathtub, our collection of bathtub mixers is the perfect choice for a comfortable, practical, and elegant bathing experience. Don't wait any longer and choose the bathtub mixer tap that best suits your style and bathroom needs, for an unforgettable bathing experience.

    The best tips for choosing your ideal bathtub mixer

    Choosing the right bathtub mixer is often a bit complicated, as there are many models available on the market with different features and functions. To help you make your choice, we have gathered the best tips and information about the different types of bathtub faucets and the most important criteria to consider.

    What is a bathtub mixer?

    A bathtub mixer is a type of faucet that allows you to adjust the water temperature by mixing hot and cold water with a single lever. Unlike traditional faucets, which require two separate handles to control hot and cold water, the mixer offers a more practical and modern solution for enjoying your bathtub.

    The different types of bathtub mixers

    Mechanical mixers

    Mechanical mixers are the most classic and easy-to-use models. They are equipped with a metal cartridge containing pierced ceramic discs that ensure the mixing and distribution of water. When you turn the handle, the discs overlap to allow hot and cold water to mix in the desired proportions.

    Thermostatic mixers

    Thermostatic mixers are more advanced than mechanical models. They incorporate a device that allows you to adjust the water temperature with great precision and maintain this temperature constant throughout the bath. This avoids unpleasant temperature variations and reduces the risk of accidental burns.

    In addition, thermostatic mixers also have an anti-scald function: if the cold water supply is interrupted (for example in the event of a cut), the flow of hot water is automatically cut off to avoid any risk of burns.

    Criteria to consider when choosing the right model


    The aesthetics of your bathtub mixer must harmoniously integrate into your bathroom. Today, there are faucets with various shapes and neat finishes, ranging from classic to contemporary, through minimalist or industrial design. Feel free to compare the different models, taking into account their materials and overall appearance.

    Cartridge quality

    Whether you choose a mechanical or thermostatic mixer, the quality of the cartridge is an important element to consider. Ceramic cartridges are generally more resistant and ensure good sealing in the long term. Don't forget to check that your faucet has a quality cartridge to ensure its proper functioning and optimal lifespan.

    Flow and pressure

    Some bathtub mixers are designed to work with specific water flow or pressure. Make sure to choose a model adapted to the configuration of your installation, taking into account local standards and the specific needs of your household. If, for example, you have low water pressure, it will be preferable to choose a low-pressure mixer.

    Additional functions

    It is also interesting to see if the bathtub mixer offers additional functions that could improve your comfort. For example, some models allow you to set the maximum temperature to avoid the risk of burns or to reduce the flow to save water.

    How to install a bathtub mixer?

    If you want to replace or install a new bathtub mixer, here are the steps to follow:

    1. Turn off the water supply in the bathroom.
    2. Remove the old faucet if necessary using an adjustable wrench and a screwdriver.
    3. Clean the surface of the bathtub and the water inlets carefully.
    4. Inspect and prepare the elements of the new mixer according to the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure you have all the necessary components for installation.
    5. Attach the body of the mixer to the bathtub and tighten it using the supplied nuts.
    6. Then connect the hoses to the hot and cold water inlets. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions in terms of positioning (generally, hot water on the left and cold water on the right).
    7. Finally, proceed with the assembly of the different parts (handle, shower head, etc.) according to the manufacturer's instructions.
    8. Turn on the water supply and check for leaks at the mixer and connections.

    For a successful installation, it is recommended to seek professional help, especially if you are not familiar with this type of work or if your installation has particular characteristics. An experienced plumber will be able to carry out the installation efficiently and safely, while complying with current standards.

    Now that you are better informed about bathtub mixers, make your choice!

    Choosing the right bathtub mixer may seem difficult, but by following these tips and considering your needs and space, you will find the model that perfectly meets your expectations. Feel free to consult different models and compare their features before making a decision, to be sure to choose a faucet that perfectly fits your bathtub!