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How does a thermostatic shower column work?

When setting up or renovating a bathroom, it is essential to take into account all the elements that contribute to a moment of relaxation and well-being. One of them is undoubtedly the thermostatic shower column. In order to better understand how it works and what its characteristics are, we offer a detailed explanation in this article.

What is a thermostatic shower column?

The thermostatic shower column is a shower faucet system that allows for constant and precise regulation of water temperature. It mainly consists of a shower head (fixed or handheld) and an integrated thermostatic mixer that controls the temperature and water flow.

How the thermostatic mixer works

The thermostatic mixer is equipped with two handles: one to adjust the desired temperature and the other to regulate the water flow. Thanks to the integrated mechanism, the temperature remains stable even if the pressure or the temperature of the cold and hot water varies at the inlet. This avoids the risk of burns or annoying variations during the shower.

Advantages of thermostatic shower columns

Savings on water consumption and bills

Thermostatic shower columns allow for energy savings. By quickly adjusting the desired temperature, water waste is avoided while waiting for it to reach the right temperature. In addition, this reduces the strain on the water heater (or boiler), resulting in savings on its lifespan and maintenance.

Optimal comfort

Thermostatic mixer technology offers comfort similar to that of a bathtub because the user benefits from a constant temperature throughout the shower. It is ideal for people sensitive to temperature variations as well as for children or the elderly, who are protected from the risk of burns.

Simple installation

There is no need for extensive plumbing skills to install a thermostatic shower column. Manufacturers generally offer easy-to-install models without the need to intervene on the existing piping.

Installation is even simpler as there are complete kits that also include the fixing bar, limiting handling and errors.

Different types of thermostatic shower columns based on their design

When it comes to bathrooms, it is important to choose a shower column that fits the room's decoration and style. Thermostatic shower columns come in various designs to cater to individual tastes.

Round shower columns

These are the most common models on the market. They are characterized by their soft, rounded curves and their circular or oval-shaped shower head. This type of column is particularly suitable for bathrooms with a classic and sleek style.

Square shower columns

Square shower columns feature straight and geometric lines that bring a touch of modernity and originality to contemporary bathrooms. The shower head can also be rectangular or square, and the mixer often has a minimalist design.

Hydromassage shower columns

Hydromassage shower columns integrate not only a thermostatic mixer but also nozzles and water jets to offer a true relaxation experience and a relaxing massage in the shower. These shower columns require a little more space than other types, as they generally include integrated shelves and soap holders. They are ideal choices for those seeking a wellness and relaxation solution at home.

3 important criteria for choosing a thermostatic shower column

In addition to design, you will need to consider certain criteria to choose the thermostatic shower column that suits your needs and space:
  • The size of the shower head: it should be chosen according to the available space and user preferences. There are diameters ranging from 20cm to 40cm for the largest models.
  • The fixing bar: check if it is included in the kit offered, as well as its length and adjustment system (with or without slider to adjust the height).
  • Additional options: depending on the brands and price ranges, some thermostatic shower columns offer interesting features such as water pressure regulation, the "water-stop" function to save more energy, or even hydromassage jets.
Thermostatic shower columns offer optimal comfort by ensuring a stable temperature throughout the shower. There are now multiple designs available on our shopping site that cater to users' tastes and decoration styles.
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